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Usha sat Jitu, her husband, down and expressed her concerns and reasons, in terms of how she’d very much prefer to deliver their second child in Chhota Udepur, where she will receive due care and support from the Anganwadi and her friends, helping her give birth to a healthy child, while maintaining her own health and sanity.

Usha and Jitu often migrated to the city in search of work, especially after the harvest. Usha hadn’t received proper education, which reflected strongly in her pre and post-natal care, and in the health of her 1st child. During her first pregnancy; nutrition, hygiene and other guidelines pertaining to pregnancy were ignored.

She delivered the baby with close to no knowledge of lactic care. Usha had delivered Gablu, her first child, working on a construction site in the town. Gablu and Usha had suffered enormously, then. Usha, under no circumstances was ready to let her previous delivery experience repeat itself. As Gablu not only lacked proper nourishment, which resulted in his malnutrition, but was a victim of hindered growth. In the process, Usha’s health was also adversely affected, due to the compromised prenatal care.

After she enrolled herself for pre-natal and lactic mother’s programs at the Anganwadi, she was consistently made aware of how she can make her pregnancy a safe and smooth experience, both for herself and the newborn. Also, while attending the workshops conducted regularly by the Anganwadi worker, Usha had made many friends who faced similar challenges.

This group of women that surrounded her, not only shared a common ground in terms of being a mother or about to become one, but also ensured moral support.