Our Team

Change Makers

Niyati Mehta

The founder of #Be The Change, Niyati is an ideapreneur, who curates projects with the honed skills of a Development Sector Practitioner, driving wide-scale initiatives for sustainable development. She began her journey pursuing Masters in International Journalism, a course she studied at the University Of Leeds, the United Kingdom on a full scholarship. She served as a senior journalist for major platforms like BBC and Sahara.

Having worked with various brands and across demographics, gaining experience during her stay in the UK, she came back to India with a burning desire to bring about a change. To find her feet, she worked as an independent consultant and associated herself with diverse projects. She skillfully navigated through the challenges with each new project, furthering and adding valuable aspects to her modus operandi. She decided to amalgamate her area of expertise and vision, laying the foundation of this company along with her two sisters and soon got recognition. She was selected for the PROFESSIONAL FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM by the US State Department in 2018.

Foram Mehta

Foram is the Co-Founder of #Be The Change. She holds expertise as a strategist and an insurer of the sustainability of projects that come on board or are designed by the company. She plays the role of a liaison between the innovator and the executor. Foram hails from a technical background, completing her graduation in Chemical Engineering from Nirma University, went on to finish her MDP from IIM-A.

With her charming personality and quick wit, she was quickly able to carve out a niche in the entertainment business as well. Having developed an understanding of the market and a knack for business, she too dreamt of starting her own company for the freedom to incorporate a gamut of ideas and affect change. With this perspective, she quickly got on boards, joining her sister to shoulder responsibilities and grow #Be The Change multifold.

Rajal Mehta

Rajal is also the Co-Founder of #Be The Change. She is an eminent strategic planner & 360-degree consultant. Also an electrical engineer with a masters degree in business management, she is a firm believer of her instincts. She furthered her quest towards social development which she had been passionate about from her childhood through #Be The Change.

She empowers and enhances social growth with her understanding of the ground realities, skilful ideas, planning and implementation. She has profound experience of more than 10 years of successfully serving as a development consultant in sectors like pre-school education, education for the youth, especially for the children in the farthest tiers of society. In the past, she has worked with Rajani Group of Companies, Ban Labs, Samay Group, ICFAI Business School and ICRI.