You are never alone amidst a room filled with books!

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Naziya was always a curious and enthusiastic learner and loved reading, indulging in creative and meaningful activities, but not all have the privilege to step out and explore. She was a shy, introvert lil girl full of dreams and aspirations. Smart library spaces are designed to meet the needs and desires of diverse communities without any expense.

Due to financial reasons, Naziya didn’t have the opportunity to study and go out. One day her father got to know about this quirky and colorful space full of books and children and took his daughter to the library and thought of giving a surprise.

Her father asked her to get ready and come with him for some work which Naziya willingly agreed to and then Naziya was amazed by the surprise. She was overwhelmed and excited to see stacks of books, computers around and couldn’t wait to immerse herself.

She made new friends, did a lot of reading and learning and got abreast with technological advancement. She also encouraged her parents to come over and read what they like as there are books for all.

Public libraries play a crucial role in the promotion of sustainable development of a democratic society. It will not only improve literacy levels of rural children who have no access to books but will also enable them to benefit from extracurricular activities, which are essential for their learning and development.