A space full of colours and happy faces!

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Pari, Mukesh and Raju witnessed this dilapidated building in Badalpur Ahmedabad, transform into an alluring building, which piqued their curiosity like never before. They saw the men painting the walls with fresh and bright colors, the gradual process of its insides being flushed with toys and furniture, walls being decorated with colorful charts full of images, and soon a board at the entrance that read “Chinu ni Anganwadi”.

There was a monkey next to it wearing a pair of shorts and a shirt, just like they did. Raju stared at it and innocently asked his friends, “Why have they put up a monkey there? What is this place for?” Mukesh instantly theorized it and said, “This must be a house being made for the son of that city babu, who comes in his long car.” The three friends would often giggle and make their own speculations about the monkey, who had distantly become their friend now.

Pari would often pass a comment saying, “Only if we were allowed to enter there!” to this his friends Raju and Mukesh would say, “Let us not dream that far. It is for those big people who visit our village.” On the day of the inauguration, they witnessed well-dressed people who wore sunglasses and good shoes come to celebrate the building, which reassured their belief that this place wasn’t for them. The whole village was invited. But, they hesitated; felt they wouldn’t fit in.

Next day, Seemaben, the Anganwadi worker, gathered all the kids of the village, and made them aware of how this centre, this space, has been specially designed for them. Their joy knew no bounds. Mukesh couldn’t contain his excitement and curiosity, promptly asking the lady, “Who is this monkey? What is his name?” Seemaben smiled and told him, “He is Chinu. He is a learner, just like you, a friend you will always find here and he says that no one should miss coming to his Anganwadi.